Badusha Recipe | Balushahi Recipe | Traditional Indian Sweet

Badusha also known as Balushahi is a traditional Indian sweet which looks like glazed doughnut but has a crunchy & flaky texture. A dough is prepared out of maida or all purpose flour, deep fried in oil and then dipped in sugar syrup. The main point of getting the perfect flaky texture in badusha is not to knead the dough too much rather just knead enough to get the dough together.


Dough Preparation:

Maida                                                                               1 ½ cup

Baking Powder                                                              ½ tsp.

Baking Soda                                                                    a pinch

Salt                                                                                   as required

Ghee                                                                                 ¼ cup

Curd                                                                                  ¼ cup

Water                                                                               2-3 tbsp. as required

Sugar Syrup:

Sugar                                                                                1 cup

Water                                                                              ½ cup

Green cardamom                                                          2

Saffron                                                                             10-12


Oil                                                                                     as required


Sugar Syrup:

  • In a pan add the sugar and water. Heat on low flame. Stir and let the sugar dissolve.
  • Add the green cardamom by splitting it open & saffron strands.
  • Let the sugar syrup boil for 5 minutes and then keep it aside.

Dough Preparation:

  • In a bowl take Maida, Baking Powder, Baking Soda and Salt.
  • Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Add ghee in the flour mixture.
  • Mix ghee with the flour mixture and rub it in between your fingers to get a crumbly texture.
  • Add the curd and combine well.
  • Add 2-3 tbsp of water as required and knead lightly to get the dough together. Make sure to not over knead the dough else the badusha will not get the layered texture.
  • Close & rest the dough for 20 minutes.
  • Now make small balls out of the dough and create a depression in the centre.
  • Its perfectly fine if the balls are not smooth. The rough edges helps the badusha to become crispy and also to soak up the sugar syrup.


  • Fry the badusha on low flame. Also don’t overcrowd the pan as the badusha will slowly increase in size. So there should be enough space for the badusha to be fried.
  • Once they rise on top you can flip them over.
  • Turn over and cook on both sides evenly for 12-15 mins until they are crispy & golden.

Soaking in syrup:

  • Soak the fried badusha when hot in warm sugar syrup. If the sugar syrup has become cold then warm it and then add the fried badusha. Soak the badusha for maximum of 10 minutes and not more as it will turn soggy. Turn over in between.
  • Enjoy the perfect halvai style badusha at home with family.

You can watch the video for the recipe on my YouTube channel.

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