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Mutton Pepper Fry

In this post I am sharing a dish which will be one of the favourites of hard core non-vegetarian fans and that is Mutton pepper fry. The mutton is first cooked well so that it easily falls apart from the bone. Masala is freshly roasted & ground. Finally the dish is finished off by preparing a thick gravy which coats the mutton pieces. In each bite of the melt in mouth mutton pepper fry you can taste the curry leaves, the heat from pepper, green chillies & garam masala & slight sweetness from the caramalized brown onions. A slight drizzle of lemon juice on top and I can promise you that you cannot stop eating before finishing the entire dish.


Mutton – ½ kg.

Salt – as required

Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp.

Water – 1 ½ cups

Coriander seeds – 2 tsp.

Cinnamon stick – 1 inch

Cloves – 4

Pepper – 2 tsp.

Fennel seeds – 1 tsp.

Onions – 3

Green chillies – 2

Curry leaves – 20-25

Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tbsp.

Coriander leaves – 2 tbsp.

Oil – 2 tbsp.

Ghee – 1 tsp.


  • First let’s start with cooking the mutton. In a pressure cooker add the washed & cleaned mutton pieces. It is good to use mutton with bone to enhance the taste of the dish. Add salt, turmeric powder & water.
  • Let the mutton cook for 5 whistles on medium flame.
  • Once the pressure comes down check if the mutton is cooked well.
  • Next to prepare the masala, heat a pan on low flame. Add coriander seeds, cloves, cinnamon, fennel seeds & pepper. Dry roast them for 2 minutes.
  • Let the masala cool down & then grind it to a fine powder.
  • In a kadai, add oil & ghee.
  • Add the sliced onions & fry till translucent.
  • When the onions are translucent add green chillies & curry leaves. Continue frying.
  • When the onions start turning brown add the ginger garlic paste & fry.
  • When the onions have nicely caramelized & have become brown add 3 tsp. of the ground masala. Reserve the remaining masala which can be added later after tasting if required.
  • Fry the masala for 2 minutes.
  • Once the masala is fried well add the cooked mutton pieces along with the stock.
  • Stir well. Cover with a lid and let it cook on high flame for 5-7 minutes. Keep checking in between.
  • The gravy will have become thick. Check if salt or masala powder is right. Add the coriander leaves and mix.
  • Once the gravy is thick enough that it coats the mutton pieces well turn off the flame & let it rest for 5 minutes.
  • Enjoy the mutton pepper fry with some neer dosa & Onion salad.


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